TPF Software Inc. (TSI) is an Information Technology company founded in 1986 that pioneered development of products based on IBM’s TPF and z/Series technologies that are used by several fortune 500 companies. In 2005, TSI entered into IT services starting with the legacy technologies and evolved into open systems and testing services. Key services include IT Consulting, Application Development and Maintenance (ADM), Legacy and z/TPF Migration, Systems Integration, Global Delivery and Testing. We have direct staff of over 150 spread across offices in the USA, India and New Zealand, and with tremendous flexibility to ramp-up resources through strategic alliances.

TPF Software (India) is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

TSI has provided services to domains like travel and transportation, hospitality, banking and finance. With our in-depth knowledge of these business domains and an expertise in the relevant technologies, we are able to offer fully integrated end-to-end managed services, technical training, and products and tools for developing applications for these industries. The result is excellent service quality and service levels to our clients businesses.

Key Strengths:

  • 30 year in IT Products, Services and Delivery
  • 750+ person years of Application Delivery & Maintenance and IT Consulting
  • Proven global delivery with a strong offshore presence in India
  • Excellence in product development, application development, testing and project management
  • Service capability in mainframe platforms e.g. Assembler, COBOL, C++, DB2, VSAM, QIK
  • Development and programming experience in open systems using OOP-based technologies like Java, .NET, n-tier architecture and databases
  • Pioneers in training in TPF, z/TPF, C/C++, QIK and other technologies


To make CIOrg a champion

Mission defines the “reason for our existence”.  We exist in order to enable and empower our customers become successful.  We are a technology company and as such focus on the technology and innovation units within our customer organizations.  We define our success as making them successful with their business counterparts.  Our raison d’être is to make the CIOs and their organizations champions both within their companies and achieve peer recognition across the entire industry group.

Our LANTERN of values define the behavioral characteristics our associates exhibit every single day.

Learn: zeal to acquire new skills & knowledge, curiosity to explore, humility to learn from unusual sources, and demonstrable expertise in tradecraft

Adapt: agility, versatility, openly welcome change, comfortable with ambiguity, willing to take up new roles

Never give up: determination, perseverance, keep going in the face of incredible odds

Trust: deliver on promises and commitments, take full ownership, be dependable, end-to-end accountability

Energize: be active and lively, have fun and enjoy, freely express raw & unbridled passion, show heart

Respect: have regard to all ideas and people, empathy, compassion, and humility

Nurture: mentor others, teamwork, collaboration


Timeless Reliability

Our commitment to our customers, our employees, our suppliers and other partners is very simple: “Timeless Reliability”.  TSI is a 30-year old company in an industry where 96% of companies don’t survive even 10 years!  We have been able to not only just survive but also continuously grow over those 30 years.

How have we been able to do that?

Because at our core, we are an engineering company.  Our engineering is impeccably reliable.  We abide by our promises and deliver on our commitments. Predictable reliability can never be achieved through passive regurgitation of what has worked in the past.  We have always delivered top-notch quality while continually innovating. We remain true to our values.  Our behavior is consistent and predictable.

The ‘timeless’ comes from the fact that we do not play to the gallery for short-term returns.  We earn respect by always doing what’s right for our customer in the long-term.

GI/TERM is very useful to log into multiple places at one time and seeing the virtual printer data is very easy to view and to cut and paste into another document.

IT Analyst, United States, Travelport

TPF/GI – It’s great because once you get the hang of it you have a way to see variables and specific data elements as you trace. Very helpful with troubleshooting / debugging problems.

IT Lead, United States, Travelport

TPF/GI I like having all of the information about Data Levels and Variables one click away.

IT Engineer, United States, Travelport

I like TPF/IDE as an editor as it is much more friendly than VM tools.

Technical Specialist, United States, Travelport

SourceView is great because I can be looking at the specific line of code being executed and still see what is happening to all my work blocks, ecb area, etc.

IT Engineer, United States, Travelport

I have been a QA programmer in TPF for over 15 years, so I am constantly trying to recreate and fix problems. CMSTPF was a huge step forward in problem-solving. It’s tracing abilities for single-ECB functions have helped me solve many problems that would have been very difficult in a typical lab environment. Obviously, TPF/GI has those same valuable tracing tools, but with the added bonus of a friendly Windows interface.

Sr Programmer/Analyst, United States, Travelport

I use GI/TERM daily. What I like the most is the ability to work with multiple sessions while still having access to TPF at the same time. It makes troubleshooting much easier.

IT Analyst, United States, Travelport

I like TPF/IDE because it allows me to be able to use one tool to view files on all of the different platforms that we have. I also like TPF/IDE because it provides a way to easily move files from one platform to another.

Sr. Technical Specialist, United States, Travelport

As someone who had spent many years waiting for program listings to print in order to instruction trace segments, the Source View option has saved many hours and increased productivity immensely.

IT Engineer, United States, Travelport

TPF/GI is an awesome test tool! the new T-REX features make system effeciency enhancements easy to quantify and justify. They also assist us QA-types with problem investigation and solution. I use SourceView exclusively with initial testing of code revisions because of it’s ability to pinpoint problems and show me variable values. TPF/IDE is a must-have tool for all C-programmers.

IT Engineer, United States, Travelport

CMSTPF – Its your own local copy of database.. Problems? Dumps?.. No worries.. play with it and get it tested.. Great tool for initial testing phase.

Product Analyst, United States, Travelport

I use TPF/GI, GI/TERM, TPF/IDE, CTFS, T-REX, Source View. I like those products because they give me the feeling I’m developing more windows based software rather than knowing I’m developing on a mainframe. They allow me to quickly deploy software and aid from design, development, intergrated test, customer test and post phases. Through college I worked with IDE to develop code mostly on Linux and probably would not have lasted too long on TPF without these products. Thank you very much!

IT Project Lead, United States, Travelport

CTFS – A great tool to allow access to communication links through a TPF/GI or CMSTPF session.

IT Engineer, United States, Travelport

TPFGI – I quality test prior to release of production products for my team. We use CTFSS in conjuction with TPFGI to receive real time link traffic which gives us a very powerful desktop tool.

Project Manager, United States, Travelport

Good Job! Keep up the good work.

Director, Technical Delivery, United States, Leading Financial Services Customer

We would like to see TPF Software with us in the future projects also.

Project Manager, United States, Passenger Solutions of a Leading Airline

URM decommissioning project completed in Nov. 2010: Appreciate your dedication to getting this completed.

Director, Technologies Development, United States, Worldwide Credit Authorization Systems

URM decommissioning project completed in Nov. 2010: Thank you to you and everyone involved in the completion of the fixed bid work for sticking with the project through the lengthy extension of the schedule.

Director, Technologies Development, United States, URM decommissioning project completed in Nov. 2010

Thanks so much for you and your team’s support to make this happened.
It’s really a good experience to work with you. Thanks.

Application Manager, Taiwan, IBM Global Business Services

I first want to thank you and your team for a successful Multiple TCB implementation on our TROYA ALCS system. It was a very smooth transition – beyond my expectations. I expect us to partner on other projects with the same level of success.

Head of IT, Turkish, Turkish Airlines

I’ve been tracing with ALCS/GI for a long time and find it an invaluable trace tool providing much more flexibility than before. I then found the old trace tool slow, cumbersome and frustrating as I needed to recall and apply all the trace entry formats again.

Senior Technical Specialist, New Zealand, Leading Airline

zIDE has certainly changed the way I code. Being a developer who uses advanced IDE’s such as eclipse and Visual Studio, it?s great to be able to use an Editor that behaves similarly.

Senior Technical Specialist, United States, Leading Airline

zTPFGI is great for z/Linux or z/TPF related file setups and testing. For .so creation, loads and testing it is a dream. Saves key strokes in not having to sign into Linux (putty), which is a lengthy process.

IT Project Lead, United States, Leading GDS Customer

Thank you for the tutorials, they were really useful … zTREX enables us to compare instruction counts and other data between two (or more) different ECBs, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

IT Analyst, United States, Leading Airline

[TPF Software] have made a very intuitive product – zTPFGI. It proved to be an excellent tool in resolving bugs found in the z/TPF migration effort.

Director, Technologies Development, United States, Leading Financial Customer Services

Almost everyone has a horror story or three when it comes to customer support, but not so with TPF Software. I have found the product support for TPF Software?s products to be consistently superior. Responses to inquiries and help with troubleshooting (though rarely needed) have always been pleasingly prompt.

Congratulations to all on the hard work and dedicated to arresting this condition from our system. I appreciate the hard work!

Director, TPF TPF Emerging Technologies, United States, Sabre Holdings

Congratulations to all on the hard work and dedicated to arresting this condition from our system. I appreciate the hard work!?

Director, Travel Services Development, India, Sabre Holdings

I like TPG/GI because the colors are so beautiful. When I feel down and depressed, which happens often in this stressful industry, only I have to do in start up my TPF/GI session and run a few traces and source views. The beautiful colors of the ECB displays just calm me down and make me feel that all is right with the world. I just wish that there was some way to add aromatherapy to TPF/GI!

Sr. Systems Engineer, United Kingdom, InterContinental Hotels Group

I use TPF/IDE for TPF development mainly in C. The editor is perfect for our environment. Unlike other products editors, this one is geared for the mainframe environment and recognizes the restraints and restrictions of that environment so we don’t have to. After development is complete I switch over to TPF/GI and use Source View for my initial TPF unit testing. TPF/GI is a marvelous testing tool for TPF/C. I don’t know of another product that makes the testing of C code in the TPF environment that so easily gives you control over the access to your testing variables and environment. I don’t think these products can be beat. Plus the support for these product from TPF Software is exemplary.

Sr. Programmer Analyst, United States, American Express