Library Support

September 15, 2016 | Issue No - 43.0
Library support is seamlessly integrated with zTPFGI and provides the ability to check-in and check-out the files from the project, irrespective of the file type – Assembler, C/C++ and SaberTalk programs. This saves time for software programmers and allows them to be even more efficient.
The new library interfacing in zTPFGI ensures that programmers have a single-stop solution for all their development and testing needs, including checking files in and out, coding, debugging, and testing z/TPF applications. Moreover, this interface remembers the library requests between sessions, and lists them in the Library Files View. Library Files View is a tree-like structure that can display multiple sets of library files requested by the user, and enable the user to perform various library operations. And, if any user wants to remove or prevent the remembered requests from being listed in the Library File view, those options are available in the library support as well.
Some of the key features of this support include: 
  • Customized Library Files View to display sets of files and allow file level operations
  • Query a set of library files to be added to Library Files View
  • Retrieve selected files of different/specific versions and store the files
  • Integrate the library functionality into the zTPFGI Projects View
  • Display the library output results in the Library tab of the zTPFGI Output window
  • Display library files and listings in the zTPFGI Editors
The library support enables users to work with multiple libraries in the same platforms and with multiple platforms based on their needs, and permit all other operations such as List Source File, View Listing, and Remove Source.  
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