Comprehensive Code Analysis with Graphical Debugger

July 15, 2016 | Issue No - 41.0

zTPFGI's graphical debugger provides source level debugging in three code views - Source Code View, Commands View and Info View for comprehensive source code analysis and auditing.

  • The Source Code View enables source code viewing and editing.
  • The Commands View allows developers to view all executed commands and messages, as well as insert commands.
  • The Info View displays the call stack, watch expressions, variables to monitor and the breakpoints list.

These windows are dockable and can be resized as desired. The commands and toolbar buttons in the debug menu allows the developers to execute the common activities - view and modify the source codes, without stopping and restarting the graphical debugger, check the multiple levels of variable values, view the highlighted variable(s) whose value change during the source view, watch variables, and view call stack trace. 

Some of the key benefits of this feature are the following.

  • Supports superior source code analysis.
  • Leads to more efficient use of developer time - mode coding and less deploying.


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