ECB Heap Tab Refactor

March 18, 2016 | Issue No - 37.0

The ECB heap tab in zTPFGI has been refactored to provide more information at the object and function levels, along with the SO level information. The advantage to users is that they will have additional useful details readily at hand for debugging the underlying source of problems, which will allow them to troubleshoot problems much faster. You can sort the heap data by the column values such as Heap address, Program Address, Requested Size, Allocated Size etc. 


The additional information added to the object and function levels are: 

  • Heap block status - Shows whether the heap block is in the Active or Release state
  • Heap corruption indicator - Shows the corrupted heap record with red highlights and indicates the heap status in the Details pane as "Corrupt"
  • Details about the program and its modules such as SO name, object name, and function name


The key benefits of this refactored feature include:

  • Helps programmers to troubleshoot problems at a faster rate  
  • Improved UI design



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