Asynchronous Trace

June 24, 2015 | Issue No - 24.0

zTPFGI includes the Asynchronous trace (Async Trace) feature, which allows the developers to intercept and debug external messages that originate from outside of zTPFGI. The external messages can originate from outside of zTPFGI via Web Services,TCP/IP, Host-To-Host, MQ Series, EDIFACT, XML, or Time-initiated ECBs. It allows you to trace the ECBs captured for transaction outputs from an external source.The async resources of similar functions are categorized with a unique group name, depending on the transactions processed, such as Airline ticketing, Hotels, etc.

The key characteristics and benefits of this feature include: 

  • Easy to customize via configuration files
  • Allows for flexible rules to capture messages by program, terminal address and combinations  of  ECB fields
  • Easy to learn/use for both administrators and developers
  • Eliminates the need for developers to change E-type programs to trace external messages


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