ECB Graphical View in zTPFGI

September 10, 2014 | Issue No - 7.0
zTPFGI features the ECB Graphical View, which graphically displays the trapped ECB information under 10 functional tabs Graphical, EBW, EBX, Level, User, System, Macro Trace Back, Heap, Record Hold, and Auto, based on the similarities in the tasks or functions performed. The z/TPF system creates an ECB for each message entering the system, and follows the processing of that message throughout its lifetime in the system. The ECB is unique to each entry, and allows one program to service multiple entries.

The key characteristics and the benefits of this feature include: 
  • Quick access to register values, data levels, machine instructions, and program nesting level for debugging  
  • Graphical View simplifies debugging process and saves time.

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