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  • Apr 08, 2016.

    What's New in TSI Products 2016

    We focus on empowering our developers with the necessary (custom) tools for quickly and easily building the TPF applications, and accelerating the software delivery in TPF by adopting DevOps practices and Tools ecosystem.  

    Check out the below table for What's New in TPF Software Products for 2016 Product Releases.

    For more details on the latest product features and enhancements, click here. 



    Features Description

    Functional Benefit


    Add-In Extension System with Scripting

    Uses powerful scripting API and builds custom tools for use in zTPFGI for automating the existing process to boost productivity of developers and toolmakers

    Extensibility; Efficiency in Development tasks


    DevOps-Ready Source Scan

    Scans the source code and checks whether it adheres to predefined coding standards or not, enforcing coding standards in the company

    Standardization and quality


    SabreTalk Support

    Provides full support for SabreTalk variables and expressions in Source View, making debugging SabreTalk programs in zTPFGI much more productive and efficient

    Efficiency in Debugging


    New Library Interface

    Provides a convenient way for developers to interact with zTPFGI program and checkout/checkin project files to their library system/SCM with ease

    Source Control


    ECB Heap Tab Refactor

    The refactored Heap Tab of the ECB Window now includes more object and functional level information, apart from the SO level information

    Efficiency in ECB-level debugging


    Step out for Assembler Programs

    Developers can now return to the calling program with a single-click

    Efficiency in source-level debugging


    TPFDF C functions supported in Macro trace

    Developers can now set the Macro Trace Options to stop the ECB execution in TPFDF C functions

    Efficiency in ECB-level debugging


    Improved Program Nesting Level (PNL)

    Source view now allows developers to trace up to 64 programs at the same time

    Efficiency in ECB-level debugging


    DFInsight: Two New Views - Full SWOOSR View and Overlay Panel LRECs View

    The full SW00SR View displays the all the details of the selected SW00SR.The Overlay Panel LRECS View shows all the LRECS in a single editable overlay panel, so that the developer can edit more than one LREC at once

    Efficiency in debugging TPFDF problems


    zTPFGI Performance Enhancements

    zTPFGI Product version has significant performance improvements over the zTPFGI Product version and earlier versions

    Faster Start-Up and Connection Times


    Support Fill Character (hexa & decimal) for GETCC

    Developers can specify a fill character in hexadecimal or character, when requesting a core block through GETCC

    Efficiency in ECB-level debugging


    Support XFIL address on right click

    Developers can now right-click on any address in the core block window and select XFIL selection option to quickly access the corresponding file information, provided the selection is a valid input data. If not, an error message - "Invalid Input Data" would be displayed

    Efficiency in ECB-level debugging


    Improved Project Functionality in zTPFGI

    Capability to compile/build/rebuild a whole project

    Efficiency in development process; save time in training


    Trace Output Viewer Enhancements

    The latest changes enable the developers to copy the program flow in trace output viewer with formatting as well as to easily share the programs flows with proper formatting to other developers,l resulting in better understanding of the program flows. In addition, the limit on the Trace Output File Size is removed, so as to increase the efficiency in logging more trace results when debugging

    Efficiency in analysis of trace


    Allocate Heap Dynamically

    Option to create and allocate heap dynamically

    Efficiency in ECB-level debugging