The digital revolution has impacted global enterprises on an extraordinary scale. Companies today appreciate the remarkable value put forth by digital, to make gainful business in profoundly new ways.

  • There is an explosion of smart devices and easy access to data.
  • Social media helps connect, share and understand user behavior and preferences.
  • Digitally savvy consumers are demanding access to products and services anytime, anywhere.
  • There is an increasing need for reduced operational expenses and improved efficiencies across the enterprise.

Businesses across the globe are looking for the right digital enterprise partner for implementing secure and  scalable, end-to-end digital solutions and services.

TSI helps bring about an important change in old-fashioned infrastructure and digital engagement models.

We help customers employ the power of digital to bring about a paradigm shift in their business to sustain competitiveness, renovate and redefine business models, processes, products, services, customer channels and workplaces.

TSI’s Digital Enterprise division leverages the capabilities of the key digital forces —Big Data and Analytics, IoT, Mobility, Cloud Computing and Social Media — helping clients harness data, improve customer and stakeholder engagement, endorse customer centricity, drive modernization and reduce operational spending.

Being in business for over three decades, our practised global team includes strategy specialists, digital marketers, business analysts, UX designers and data experts trained in the latest technologies.

Our Offerings:

TSI’s end-to-end digital offerings caters to a gamut of marketing requirements—digital and social media strategy, enterprise marketing management, customer and marketing analytics and user experience design across channels— helping clients create a connected brand experience.

digital enterprise

Digital Advantage:

  • Digital experience – anytime, anywhere.
  • Augmented digital transformation.
  • Optimized use of resources for cost-effective operations.
  • Expansion to newer and untouched markets.
  • Real-time customer engagement solutions for unswerving customer experience.
  • IT strategy and architecture.
  • Real-time insights for enriched performance.

Connect, collaborate and communicate – all with a click, swipe and tap

From being just email and data enablers, mobile devices have begun to mobilize enterprise applications and transform the way companies do business. Mobility has redefined user experience – anytime, anywhere availability and being future-ready is the way forward to build organizations without boundaries.

TSI’s Mobility Services supports almost platforms available in the market today. Our extensive experience with different kinds of applications endows us to deliver proven, superior mobility support.

We help businesses build a seamless and connected ecosystem, helping them make informed and intelligent decisions.

TSI Mobility helps clients deliver real and measurable results that greatly enhance sustainability and business performance.

The TSI Mobility team works with major businesses across industries like the airline, hospitality, banking, etc., helping them tackle critical business challenges with applied innovations in mobility and the Internet of Things.

TSI Mobility Consulting and Implementation:

We offer a comprehensive an array of demonstrated end-to-end experiences and solutions across mobility strategy, mobile application development, mobile testing and the Internet of Things. TSI’s mobility consultants can develop the precise mobility strategy to help you comprehend business value through:

  • Improved customer acquisition and returns
  • Enriched customer gratification and trustworthiness
  • Augmented employee efficiency and collaboration
  • Reduced operational expenditure

Our end-to-end Mobility capabilities include:

Mobility Strategy

  • Business strategy and architecture services to help clients build and implement enterprise mobility solutions.
  • Strategize and implement solutions across UI/ UX design , development, integration, deployment, validation &  monitoring.

Mobile Applications

  • Enterprise applications development and deployment with proven processes and tools that set apart our clients in the market and augment productivity.
  • Integration of mobile apps with existing frameworks.
  • Maintenance and support for existing mobile applications.

Mobile Testing

Comprehensive testing of mobile apps and devices supported by an exclusive framework and programmed testing tools.

Mobility Advantage:

  • Focused Digital Innovation Center of Excellence (D.I.C.E) team, with a vision of deliver technology innovations for a connected life.
  • Vast experience in providing solutions that integrate the industry specific business processes with mobile technology.
  • Expertise across tools, applications and platforms, with proven delivery methodologies.

Digital engagement has a new form – The IoT

It is estimated that by 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet. Digital has occupied a central part of consumers’ daily lives, and it is driving customer experiences at a pace never seen before.

Global business leaders have understood that the new way of doing business is all about IoT – ‘bridging physical objects and IT’.  Companies are clamouring to meet consumer demands by delivering digital experiences that are better than just yesterday.

TSI develops and markets innovative connected devices and tailor-made solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our competencies in sensor technology and software enable new business models for global markets. We improve everyday life, increase comfort, security and productivity.

TSI believes in delivering with an approach that binds strategy, design thinking, domain expertise and technology.

TSI’s IoT Consulting and Implementation:

TSI IoT applications include Sensor Data Analytics, Mobile apps for Sensor data and Sensor Applications Cloud deployment. Our services include integration and implementation of partner products, and system integration.

  • Managing IoT – Our services include device management, end-to-end security, big data services, Cloud and sensor data enablement.
  • Productivity Enhancement – We transform businesses by building digital capabilities that are practical.
  • Market Reach – TSI Internet of Things practice specializes in product engineering. We help clients create things that they can sell better, quicker, smarter and cheaper.
  • Robust Security – We help broaden the scope of our clients’ risk management to include all connected devices. TSI ensures that those devices that are connected with your products have robust built-in security.

How we can help:

We help clients realize the world of good that smart, connected products can do to their business. TSI transforms the way companies perceive connected devices, and offers IoT services that improve productivity, craft new business models, and generate new courses of revenue.

  • We help you connect operational systems.
  • We link your operational network to IT systems.
  • We provide end-to-end security.
  • We help you use your data more effectively.

Digital Advantage:

  • Digital Strategy – applying data science to help you understand customers, and quickly move from idea to implementation.
  • Intuitive Design – Our approach is not just about making it pretty, but about making it usable as well.
  • Domain Expertise – We have the experience to understand the business-specific challenges and build processes around it.
  • Technology Competence – Three-decade history of delivering cutting-edge technology that evolves to suit client needs.

Harness Big Data to accelerate your business:

Businesses across the globe are presented with data from numerous sources at a startling pace, in huge quantities and varieties. To make meaningful value out of big data calls for optimal processing power and analytics competencies. Storing and dealing with these massive information pools is a challenge for many enterprises. Companies are looking for able partners who can help them process big data in real-time and provide powerful analytic strategies to stay ahead of competitors.

At TSI, we have the right expertise, processes and technologies to help you develop actionable insights from huge volumes of disparate data that you collect each day.

TSI enables businesses to plan and deliver intelligent big data programs across various focus areas and domains. This helps them

  • Maximize revenue.
  • Increase operational efficiency.
  • Get the right customer perceptions leading to newer revenue sources.
  • Prevent revenue leaks and identify fraud, thereby driving profitability.

From big data consulting to support and managed services, we help businesses gain actionable insights from their big data initiatives through a wide-range of solutions spanning across the spectrum of big data.

Our Big Data Offerings include:

Big Data Consulting:

Strategy, Roadmap, Technology assessment & recommendations, Capacity Planning, Performance.

Big Data Development & Implementation

Data Modelling, Data Integration Services, Data Quality and Metadata management, Reports and Visualizations.

Big Data Automation, Support & Managed Services

  • Installation and Configuration, Automation.
  • 24 X 7 support, Preventive Maintenance, Configuration, Security, Backup, Recovery.

Big Data Security

Data Governance, Identity and Access Management.

Big Data Advantage:

  • The 3A advantage – Effective Aggregation, Assimilation, and Authentication of data to derive real-time business value.
  • Client support throughout the information management lifecycle.
  • Vendor-agnostic and all-inclusive service provider with proficiency in a variety of tools and technologies.
  • Solutions that fit in easily with legacy systems and offer smart, multidimensional, and real-time analytics to make quick decisions.

Say Hello to the Cloud

The cloud has endowed enterprises with immense capabilities to transform their businesses. Moving to the cloud means fast-tracking digital innovation, facilitating agile business platforms and curbing the time-to-market.

A successful move to the cloud demands expert guidance and proactive support during the entire course of migration. TSI provides fast and efficient cloud migration services that support all models like PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS, be it on public, private, or hybrid infrastructures, helping you avoid business disruptions and achieve scalability.

We are here to help you solve intrinsic application scalability or resiliency issues while migrating to the cloud, derive tangible financial and operational benefits, and at the same time remain compliant to security, privacy and regulatory requirements.

TSI’s Cloud application migration services offer comprehensive, robust and scalable methodologies to migrate all your business software like MS Office 365, MS Project, mail and collaboration software, HRMS, etc., to cloud platforms. With verified and steadfast tools, we help you optimize and design applications for cloud and thoroughly test them for cloud-readiness.

With the right expertise in migrating everything from small-scale or minor deployments to enterprise scale cloud migrations, we have established special migration methodologies and tools to move all your business apps to the cloud, with zero disruption to the continuity of your systems.

TSI Cloud Offerings:

  • App migration to the Cloud.
  • Data and Database.
  • Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Management Services.
  • Implementation of Cloud VMs for Development, Testing and Training.
  • Application Hosting and Monitoring.
  • Partnership with leading cloud providers  delivering value for clients.
  • Cloud Exit and Cloud Migration Policies.

Cloud Advantage:

  • Application scalability or resiliency

cloud services with a flexible way of appropriately structuring an application for added scalability and resiliency while migrating to the cloud.

  • Security, privacy and regulatory compliance

Cloud services with appropriate security controls are in place for effective operations, adherence to all government and industry regulations for uninterrupted functionality.

  • Integration of dependability

Migrating applications without impacting the application performance or its dependent systems.

People are talking about you. Are you listening?

Social networks have changed the way businesses communicate with employees and customers.  Social networks are vital platforms that are critical for business operations – marketing, staffing, product sales, training, services and consumer opinion. It is a valuable resource that helps you understand what your employees, customers or partners feel about your product or service.

TSI recognizes social media as a huge opportunity to grow revenue. We at TSI provide powerful end-to-end social media solutions to help businesses gain awareness from engagement.

We help companies customize every interaction that they have with their customers, helping them build greater customer relationships and strong brand value.

Our services are designed to help you understand what people are talking about your brand, the regions where you can and cannot participate, and the strategies you should put in use to grow brand awareness and reach.

TSI Social Offerings:

Social Media Strategy and Implementation

Evaluate your requirements, identify opportunities, recommend and implement precise engagements to comprehend the significance of social business.

Customized Solutions

Perform social media audit, analyse competition, build customized dashboards and customer interactions to help you take advantage of the social web.

Analytics Support

Powerful and demonstrated Social Media monitoring and analytics capabilities for added actionable insights, improved targeting and business intelligence.

Social Advantage:

  • Innovative Digital Innovation Center of Excellence (D.I.C.E) to provide social media services that are aimed at seamless collaboration.
  • End-to-end services from strategy and envisioning to case studies, system implementation and maintenance and everything in between.
  • Experienced global team of social specialists, thought leaders, consulting and strategy experts.

Customized solutions to transform your applications to keep up with today’s dynamic business environment.

There are several businesses still using mainframe applications that were developed more than a decade ago. The new-age business environment can make them expensive to maintain. With the economic dynamics shifting quickly, companies are investing heavily in digital technologies. Businesses expect the digital transformation to improve customer experience, and at the same time, make way for faster, cost efficient and robust operations. Today’s round-the-clock business environment permits no chances of application failures or unexpected downtime.

Companies face challenges with respect to the Time and cost of introducing new products, and at the same time, keeping up with regulatory and compliance changes, unsupported technologies that pose risks for maintaining the applications, shortage of skills, application redundancies, and more. An experienced IT partner can drastically help companies counter these challenges and uplift their business.

Why TSI?

We work with businesses to understand their requirements and deliver customized solutions that maximize application availability, agility and predictableness. Our application modernization services have helped several worldwide businesses lower costs, less risk, increase ROI, and respond quickly to newer market opportunities.

The TSI approach to application modernization is based on factors such as the client’s organizational or business culture, urgency, risk appetite, existing technology platforms , etc. This helps deliver application transformation solutions best suited to the customer’s business.

Our applications team follows assume complete responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems. Our end-to-end services eliminate factors that bring down the quality of the application structure, code and efficiency. We also eliminate unusable code that accumulates due to lack of periodic optimization.

The TSI edge:

The TSI team comes with extensive experience in handling large application modernization engagements. Our applications modernization services maintenance solutions drive productivity and value, helping businesses build adaptable platforms for the new mobile business environment.

  • Proven solution frameworks and processes
  • Automation tools
  • Capability to build or enhance the tools for customer specific purposes
  • Due assessment conducted while selecting the technology best suited for the business
  • Roadmap and milestones definition
  • Iterative roll-out to minimize the volume and impact of change
  • Stakeholder management with regular communication and end-user training
  • Stringent program management and compliance to governance practices
  • Understanding the data structure and data quality in case of data migration


  • Highest return on investments and competitive edge
  • Modern technology architecture to remain competitive for several years
  • Maximum flexibility in architecture and design
  • Opportunity to redefine and improve the business processes
  • Seamless Transition of existing applications
  • Comprehensive support services along with on-going production support
  • Maintenance Services through continuous monitoring
  • Enhancement Services to that ensure that application remains up to date

We, at TSI, provide a wide range application modernization services to address the challenges faced by businesses. Our solutions include:

  • Application Assessment
  • Strategy
  • Application execution and re-engineering
  • Implementation
  • Application and data migration
  • Support post implementation